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Creating an online business is more popular than ever…and more people are branching out and giving it a try themselves. We are in an age where we can ditch the storefront and launch a business online! 

With passion as the driving force of most small businesses, it can be difficult to know which platform to use to really tap into the next phase: SCALING!

Kajabi, the all-in-one solution for many businesses, has incredible features:

  • Website builder to help you create a look that matches the intention of your company.
  • Store settings so you can add products/ courses for your customers
  • Email marketing so you can create campaigns, keep in touch with your audience, and nurture leads
  • CRM system to help manage your leads and customers.

I can’t forget to mention: Kajabi is super customizable! You are able to achieve the perfect online strategy in one place. Scaling your business with Kajabi is a small investment for a BIG return. 

Here are 4 ways to use Kajabi for your business:

  1. Automation & pipelines: Do these word intimidate you? They use to intimidate me, but Kajabi has made it pretty hard to be afraid of tackling automation and pipelines. 

With the email marketing in addition to  customized triggers within your site, you are able to automate immediate responses to the users actions (example: someone buys a product, they are taken to a thank you page, and can receive a thank you email!). 

You can utilize Kajabi’s pipelines through pre-built sales funnels. This can help you nurture leads and your audience. Pipelines will automate the work, giving you more free time! Who doesn’t need more of that?

  1. Templates: Kajabi has everything you need for a successful website and templates to get you going. There are website templates, email templates, page templates, etc. 

Don’t feel limited by using them. Not only will this save you time, but you are still able to customize each template as much or as little as you want. 

  1. Offer knowledge: Whether it’s a course, ebook, coaching sessions & programs, Kajabi allows you to do it all. 

You are able to build courses with ease through the Kajabi blueprints. Essentially, everything is laid out in front of you on how to create a course or coaching program. All you have to do is fill in each module with your expertise. 

  1. Email marketing: This system is built right into your dashboard. You are able to capture emails, and import email addresses. 

Again, there are templates for your emails, but you are able to set up automations with your emails, create drip campaigns, sequences, etc. The best part? You can customize each email in a short amount of time. Kajabi has several templates to use and there is one for each type of email!

Kajabi is one of my favorite platforms to work with, and for good reasons! I have tried many sites, many platforms, and I would say with confidence that Kajabi has proven to be a winner. 

The tools Kajabi offers allows non-professional website builders to actually build a successful website! If you are thinking t’s time to level up your online business in an easy and effective way, Kajabi is your new best friend!

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