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SEO is not only a buzz word in the world of online professionals, but is a game-changing tool to implement in your website. Whether you have just started setting up your Kajabi site, or are looking to revamp it, this guide will help you optimize your page for peak performance!

Keep in mind, SEO strategies help the current traffic (or existing customers), and incoming traffic (potential customers). Thankfully, Kajabi has tools built into its system for us to use and create a strong strategy.

Reminder: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is making your site attractive to search engines, like Google! Essentially if someone were to search something, your SEO determines if your website will be visible on the results page. So, yeah.. Pretty important 😉

Although SEO might seem daunting, and you might be thinking you should hire someone, there are simple ways to do it on your own (yes, you can DIY your SEO by simply following these steps and tips!)


You are able to access your SEO settings by clicking on the ‘Website’ tab. Go to pages and choose a page that you’d like to focus on. Click the ‘…’ on the right hand side of the specific page tab. Click edit details and scroll down to SEO. You are then able to edit any details shown there. 

You can additionally access your SEO by going to your dashboard, clicking ‘settings, then ‘site details. From there you can scroll to the bottom and find ‘SEO and Sharing’. You are able to edit here as well.

On page SEO

  • This is considered the most technical part. On page SEO is exactly what it says… on your page. You are able to change and customize titles and meta-descriptions, which are key indicators to search engines when determining your ranking. 
  • Remember to create relevant meta titles and meta descriptions: 
    • Page title: This should be a clear title. Do not worry about branding, or mentioning your company name. This should be simple and to the point (60-70 characters). 
    • Page description: Create a 1-2 sentence description about the page. Use keywords and a rich description.
    • Page Image: Choose a correlating image with dimensions of 1280×720
  • Create custom URLs: Whatever your page title is, that will typically by the URL. Sometimes this URL is way to long. Be sure to edit this and create a shorter, more to the point URL. This looks better for when users search on Google.
  • Add headings to your pages and structure your content. For each page or blog, add a heading with a description (around 40-50 characters long).
    • Use H1 or Heading 1, as the title of your page.
    • Use H2, to share the essential parts of your topic under.
    • Use H3, for subheadings under H2.
    • Use H4 for subheadings under H3.
    • Use the body text for the copy
  • Interlink your site! This is a very simple step to utilize. If you are sharing information, share relevant links with the viewer. Be sure that this link is active and working, as an inactive link will not increase your SEO. 
    • The reason behind this the Google algorithm picks up on sites using links because they often times keep the users searching, and surfing the web for longer. 
  • The final point for on page SEO is the customer/visitor experience. Google wants to recommend it’s users to efficient and accurate pages. This means your page should be set up with the user experience in mind. 
    • Pages should load quickly- on the mobile layout, use lower resolution images so phones can easily access a site.
    • Have helpful buttons to direct the users in the right direction. Such as, if you wrote a blog about how to achieve more clients, have a button leading to more information, or to book a call with you.

Off page SEO

  • Off page SEO’s goal is to bring users back to your site! It incorporates backlinks. Backlinks are a way to prove your authority in an industry.  Essentially, you can link to other websites, and they can link to yours.
  • Backlinks on well-known and trusted sites can help make your site more visible on search engines. Not to mention, it gives you a major competitive edge!
  • You are able to get backlinks by listing your site on Google My Business, Yelp, Trustpilot, and you can purchase them. Otherwise, you can be more organic and have links from a recent article you were mentioned in, guest appearance on a podcast, YouTube channel, social media mentions, etc. 


  • Seriously, don’t forget about SEO. It’s pretty important, especially if you are doing business through your website. Simply put- when you take the time to master your SEO, you will bring in more people, and it’s free! You do not have to pay to be ranked on Google, or other search engines. 
  • Blogging is a great way to bring in traffic. It can help show search engines that your website is continuously active and you can provide answers or guidance to user’s questions. Not to mention, you show authority of a topic when you write a blog about it (of course you should also be educated on the topic too)
  • Interlink & backlink: If you are able to provide users with helpful links and resources, do it! If you have the chance to organically achieve backlinks (as mentioned above), this is a great way to bring traffic back to you!
  • Consistently show up on your site: Whether it is a new blog, product, article, or any other type of content, be there! Continuing to use your site’s tools and incorporating SEO can increase your chance further to be ranked higher on Search engines. 

Here’s the thing, SEO is free. You can quite literally drive as much traffic as you want to your site…FOR FREE. All it takes is some time to research it and implement it into your site settings. However, if you take a few things from this blog and use them, you will notice the improvement it has made on your site (and your ranking on major search engines!!!!). 

If you have been wanting a boost of customers, clients, or traffic to your website, this is how you can do it! Give it a try and see how your visibility increases. Good luck with the mastery of SEO!

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