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Have you heard of a sales funnel and wondered what it actually is?

Not to worry- I’ve got the perfect explanation for you: 

A sales funnel is a way to turn prospects into actual paying customers or clients. This is done through a well designed, multi-step marketing campaign. Typically you see the process start out with a free lead magnet, then followed by your paid offers. 

You can create your funnel with a software that automates the delivery, creating a seamless experience for the customer. Essentially, you want to keep these prospects engaged enough to lead them to the next step. 

The stages of sales funnels are the following:

  • Awareness: This catches attention. Usually it is how to solve a problem that your service can fix. Think of awareness as any paid promotions, lead magnets, Instagram posts, an email to your list, etc. 

  • Interest: Once you have their attention, you need to keep them interested (and engaged!!). This stage is for connecting with them even more, sharing why they should use this product/service, and you will reiterate that there is a solution!

  • Decision: This stage has a simple goal: get the prospects to buy. This decision will either turn the prospect into customers, or not. Think of ways to gain their trust that this is the best option. Share proof it works, let them read testimonials of happy customers, and explain why your service/product is better than something else they can find. Prove your confidence that YOU CAN DELIVER!

  • Action: This is the final step- the actual step that makes them click “purchase”. Provide an easy and seamless process for this phase. Once again, share your offer, and don’t forget to add on a killer CTA! 

Here’s what is needed to build a successful sales funnel:

  • Website builder to build a landing page

  • Shopping cart

  • Analytics to measure the success of the funnel. A/B testing is a great way to compare different methods

  • Email marketing software

  • Graphic/content designing tools and platforms

It is important to note that sales funnels are for ONE product. You will have a sales funnel for each product you have. The idea behind this is to market more directly, and to the right person. If one prospect wants a consultation, and another one wants to purchase a course, we wouldn’t market the same to these two prospects, right?

Another key point to keep in mind is that the funnel will initially attract many people. As the steps advance, prospects will drop off. At the end of the funnel, the prospects that are left are those who are the most interested in your business, making them the perfect fit for your business. 

Let’s go through the steps of what it looks like to build a sales funnel!

Building your sales funnel:

1: Which product will you choose for this sales funnel?

  • Choose a product that you are looking to promote. It is a good idea to pick out your product first, then build backwards.

  • Ask yourself what the goal of this funnel is. This will clarify what the action step will be. 

  • Remember the four stages: awareness, interest, decision, action. 

2: Time to build your map!

  • This takes some strategic thinking, but don’t worry! There are many apps and programs that can help you create this. 

  • Get detailed and think logically- how will this step get the prospect to move to the next? 

  • Ask yourself how you will bring awareness, keep interest, and guide them to the decision stage? What is the response when they take action? Will they receive a thank you email with value adding content, or maybe they will unlock a short mini course. 

  • This is an example of how you could set up your map
    • Prospects are taken to a landing page with a lead magnet
    • If they say yes to the lead magnet, they will be added to your email list
    • They are taken to a thank you page where you can offer your product or service
      • If they don’t want to take the offer, an email promoting it is sent.
      • If they buy it….the funnel continues to an order page.
    • When a prospect is taken to the checkout page, you can offer another service to upsell, or leave it blank. This is up to you. 
    • When they complete the order (YAY do a little happy dance), and send them the lead magnet offer, as well as your other offer.  

  • It is always nice to welcome new customers with a friendly onboarding email, so consider adding this to your funnel to nurture this customer into a life long one!

3: Set up your cart & create the lead magnet!

  • For your offering, you will need to set up an order page for the checkout process. Create a simple, yet effective page, by reiterating why this offering is AMAZING!

  • Now create your lead magnet. Remember- this needs to catch the attention of prospects. This can either be a pop up on your website, or it can be its own opt-in page. 

4: Thank your new customers!

  • When someone does opt-in, send them an email thanking them and sharing why this offering is SO. WORTH. IT.

  • Additionally, once they purchase the product, they should be taken to a thank you page. You will need to create this after your cart is set up. This page can be as simple as saying thank you, or you can incorporate something bigger, like a video, more offerings, introducing something new, etc. 

5: Set up your email campaigns!

  • Whether or not someone purchases, you have their emails to keep in contact. Create an email sequence for those who didn’t purchase, and those who did. 

  • For those who didn’t buy, share the benefits of this offering and encourage them to learn more about it.

  • For those who did buy, set up an a nurture sequence that welcomes them, updates them, and gives them access to their product right now.

  • If needed, create onboarding emails with detailed instructions on how to get started for those new customers (This is ideal for coaches!).

6: Drive prospects to your funnel!

  • Create content that leads people to start your funnel! This can be anything from posting on your social media, to emailing your email list.

  • Whatever way you create lead generations, use them to guide prospects into the top of your funnel.

These steps get easier every time!

These steps can seem long and complex, but once you build your first one, it gets easier each time. And keep this in mind: This is a successful way to bring in new customers. If you aren’t sure if you should even build a sales funnel, or are curious if you need one, here are some points to look at:

  • Do you sell digital products? 
    • A sales funnel will definitely help you find more customers and reach more people. This will help you sell more of your digital product with less effort. 

  • Are you wanting to bring prospects in fast?
    • The lead magnet will do this! Now the rest of the funnel can function as a guide for these prospects to become your customer.

  • Are you wanting to sell more than one product per sales funnel?
    • At the end of the funnel when someone is checking out, this is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to upsell. 
    • Think of it like this, someone wants your online course, but you also offer them a second offer that is complementary and gives the idea of an all-in-one solution. This second offer could be 1:1 coaching sessions with you, or your e-book that has guided journals. Essentially if they only purchase the one offering, thats a win. But if the purchase the original offering and the second, EVEN BIGGER WIN!

My recommendation: Kajabi Sales Funnels

If you know anything about me, you know that I love working with Kajabi when helping my clients develop their online platform. Kajabi has adopted the approach to sales funnels with pipeline marketing. This combines sales and data from marketing efforts for better results. 

Kajabi also has blueprints (thank you Kajabi for this time saving magic) so you don’t need to be an expert to build this out. As if it can’t get any better, they have the functionality piece built right in- so it automates your campaigns for you!

For me, this has helped me develop my confidence when building sales funnels, and has helped my clients and I save time when we are promoting a new product/service. 

Overall, if you want to nurture more people into buying your product, and becoming a loyal part of your community, sales funnels are the best way to do this. This process that you create relates to your brand, and chances are there are going to be so many people that resonate with it and want to be a part of what you have created. 

Don’t be afraid of how daunting this can seem right away- give it a shot and watch the magic happen! You can do it!

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