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Aurelia is the exact Kajabi ninja that my team needed. In a critical time of multiple launches, she swooped right in and was able to help us not only strategize, but deliver unbelievable results with her quick adjustments, incredible response times, and incredibly hard work ethic. I love working alongside her every day!

"Aurelia literally saved the day (month, and year) for me and my team!"



We hired for a pretty straightforward job to install some automations and help us prep for the event. Not only did she think proactively 10 steps ahead of us and anticipate hiccups along the way so we could be prepared, she also stepped in to supply answers to those problems. We hardly had to lift a finger in a situation that felt new, stressful and overwhelming. She not only showed us her professionalism but also her vast understanding of the tech and software space online. 

"Aurelia is a DREAM! - We can't wait to work with her in the future!"