Tailored Kajabi course and membership creation to showcase your expertise and leverage your knowledge.

Launch the kajabi course & Membership your people can't wait to be part of.

COurse & Membership Creation

An all-in-one, done-for-you service complete with strategic curriculum design, content support, and all you could ever need to plan, create, and launch your course!


You need to do more

Be more considerate, strategic, and thoughtful in the way you plan, create and launch your course. 

It's not like it used to be...

You need to deliver more

Inject more value-added resources, tips, and knowledge into your Kakabi course or membership. 

You need to stand out more

Showcase what makes you special in a unique, authoritative, professional way. 

The truth is, with more courses on the market than ever before...


Launch the Kajabi course or membership to rival them all, with expert support to help you make it happen. 

Make it Happen

A. Create your own half-hearted course.

B. Hire your VA to do it all.

C. Invest in a course about creating courses. 

...You need to get your knowledge into the world ASAP. Start helping the people you want to help. And seeing a return on the offer you’ve worked hard to create. This is the kind of project you don’t want to cut corners on

And while of course, you could...

You Bring The Knowledge, I Do The Rest.



Get upskilled. Outsourced. Up and running faster. Save time. Save energy. Save money. On expert Kajabi support and training.



Create the Kajabi course and membership your students won’t stop talking about. From strategy to launch, you’ll have expert support to ensure you do your knowledge justice and launch to a captive crowd ready to buy. 

what's included, just for you:


Starting from: $650

1 Hour Strategy session

Curriculum design and launch strategy

Collaboration set up

Kajabi platform set up - customized to your brand

Email sequences: Welcome, weekly drip, tags, and student emails

Design, and material upload: Written content, audios, videos, slides, checklists, workbooks, additional resources, quizzes, course completion actions/auto-responses

Email marketing integration

Pricing and payment platform integration

Domain connection

Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics integration

Add-on: Copywriting

Add-on: 1,500-word sales page 

Complete and ready to launch in just 3 weeks!



01. Let's Meet

Let’s jump on a quick, complimentary consult call to discuss your Kajabi course and/or membership needs, then book your service (limited places available!).

How it

02. Let’s plan

Once booked, we’ll connect in another call to discuss your course strategy, curriculum, and launch approach to ensure it’s a sold-out success.

03. Let's Deliver

You supply the content, I’ll do the rest so you’re ready to launch in just 3-6 weeks. 

Calling All:

Entrepreneurs wanting to grow their income without growing their workload.

Service providers who mighT NOt be course builders, but ARE experts in their field. 

In-demand coaches ready to serve more people with more value

This is the ONLY high-touch, strategic, done-for-you Kajabi course and membership building service for you. 


Specialists in their field with big business and bigger ideas.

I’m Aurelia Lane, a lover of intuitive strategy, stunning design, and Kajabi-everything. As a female business owner and avid learner myself, nothing fills my heart more than helping more passionate women share more of their unique knowledge with the world. Ready? 

Learn More

It's All In The Design...


100% on-brand course curriculum, resources, and interface

Optimized to deliver a seamless student experience

Expert integration and automation set-up

Efficiently implemented to get you launching faster

Strategic audit and refinement of course content

Sounds Great! Book now!

Launch your first course with raging success (or glow-up your existing one!)

Aurelia has become an essential asset to my business. She listens to what I need and has brilliant systems to make the process simple for me to give her what she needs to work her magic. I will be using her on every single product launch moving forward. Thank you Aurelia!

"I will be using her on every single product launch moving forward."

Cynthia, Behavior Analyst and Business Coach

This could be you....

 She worked with me on some very tight timelines for launches in my company in the Summer of 2021 and it was incredible to see her knowledge and insight at work. Aurelia has talent that was very hard for me to find, but when you know you know! She impressed me right off the bat. It was a joy and pleasure to work with her, and I know you'll have the same experience, too." 

"Aurelia is a highly-skilled, focused Kajabi master."


Aurelia is an absolute dream to work with. Not only is she responsive, has an incredible attention to detail, and is communicative at every step, she is a true cheerleader and holds the vision for your business as well, which is a rare find in Kajabi Experts and team members.

"Not only is she responsive, has an incredible attention to detail, and is communicative at every step, she is a true cheerleader and holds the vision for your business as well!"

Tiffany (she/her), Business Activation Coach


Stop Trading Time For Money, Start Sharing Your Specialty With The World

Strategy session, curriculum design, and launch strategy

Collaboration and Kajabi set up - customized to your brand

End-to-end email sequences, copywriting, and design

Comprehensive materials upload and course actions

Conversion-ready sales page

Email marketing, payment, domain, Facebook, and Google integration

Reach more people with your valued knowledge while expanding your business and income potential with expert-led, strategic, and stunning Kajabi course and membership creation:


How long does it take?

The answer to that depends on the length and depth of your course! Typically turnaround is 30 days or less. For example, a six-module course could be delivered in just a 1-2 weeks whereas a more high-ticket offering could take up to 4 weeks. That said, share your deadline with me and I can do my best to meet it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets the rights to the final course?

You do. Included in your contract, I release the end product to you to ensure the course is 100% legally yours and you receive all earnings. If you’d also like me to sign an NDA, I can absolutely do that!

What do I need to bring? Can you build upon my existing product?

The truth? Not a whole lot! You bring your big ideas and raw content (if developed), I’ll do the rest. You’ll need to be ready to explain your goals and desired audience, design, and content, then it’s my responsibility to expand on it all! 

And of course! If you’ve got a great existing offer to build upon or a few course elements that just aren’t quite there yet, I can transform it!

Do I need a full brand/website/email list in place?

While it definitely helps, a fully-fledged brand, website or email list aren’t necessary to create or launch your course! There has never been a better time to create your course - just start today! 



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Distill your knowledge into an expertly-curated, done-for-you Kajabi course or membership.