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The comprehensive online business management and tech support suite fusing masters-level expertise, million-dollar corporate experience, and small-business passion. 


online business management

Focus your creative energy on what you love while I get your biz running on autopilot.

kajabi set up & management

Secure a sell-out launch with end-to-end platform strategy, set up & implementation.

vip system set-up days

Go all out with the tech, systems & business equivalent of a spa day.

Online Business Management

Comprehensive business management, implementation, and strategy for your entire business to get organized, get efficient, and get scaling. From launches to funnels, analyzing metrics to optimizing existing processes, this is an exclusive, high-level service designed to help busy entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed get more dollars in their pockets and more time out of every day.

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Kajabi Set-Up & Management

You bring the ideas, I bring the swift, detailed backend execution. From idea to strategy and execution, I’ll take every aspect of Kajabi course creation off your hands so you can focus on spreading the word. Choose from:

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Project-based setup, audit, and/or optimization ready-for-launch

VIP days for when you needed Kajabi live, like, yesterday

90 minute intensives leaving no question unanswered

90 Min Intensive

Being in business can get, well...lonely. I know because I live it, too! 

When you’re working day in, day out behind a screen, it helps to connect, collaborate, brainstorm, ideate and strategize with someone who ‘gets it’. And what if that someone couldn’t just ‘get it’ but could back your idea, expand on it and show you how to bring it to life through unmatched tech and systems know-how?

A 90-minute Online Business Management intensive virtual chat where we’ll talk about anything from CRMs to client onboarding, and team management to course creation. You’ll enter frazzled and leave grounded with problems solved and an action plan ready to be implemented. 

Cut through the confusion, get expert clarity to pave a way through the stress, and preserve your sanity. 

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“Aurelia is a DREAM! We hardly had to lift a finger in a situation that felt new, stressful and overwhelming ”

- ashli

We hired for a pretty straightforward job to install some automations and help us prep for the event. Not only did she think proactively 10 steps ahead of us and anticipate hiccups along the way so we could be prepared, she also stepped in to supply answers to those problems. She not only showed us her professionalism but also her vast understanding of the tech and software space online - we can't wait to work with her more in the future!

"Aurelia literally saved the day (month, and year) for me and my team!"

- sheena

Aurelia is the exact Kajabi ninja that my team needed. In a critical time of multiple launches, she swooped right in and was able to help us not only strategize, but deliver unbelievable results with her quick adjustments, incredible response times, and incredibly hard work ethic. I love working alongside her every day!

"Aurelia has brought me a sense of peace and calm that I haven't felt in a long time"

- kathleen

After having Aurelia on my team, and doing a multiple six-figure launch, I couldn't imagine not having her, and likely won't ever let her go. When I say she's brought a sense of peace to my life, it's an understatement. 

"I haven't met many people in my ENTIRE life that are as responsive!"

- christina-laurin

She values making people feel seen and heard. Her level of experience and expertise are astounding, yet she takes time to teach and validate through the entire process. She really goes the extra mile and I'm so glad I got to work with her.


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